A chronicle entry from Chadstone Community

Hosting an international student who is engaged in an intensive course of English – none other than the Provincial Emeritus from Korea, Fr Stephan Nam — is proving to be an enriching experience for the Community. On Sunday 5th October Fr Stephan and the Rector were invited to dinner at Clifton Hill, when the students there provided a nourishing spread and Fr Ben enjoyed having the opportunity to honour Fr Stephan.

Term 4 began at a pace at Salesian College. Monday 6th PD Day which began with a series of Workshops to conclude the three-year renewal programme that focused on: 1. Don Bosco, a gift to the Church and to the world; 2. Don Bosco’s Pedagogy and 3. Don Bosco’s Spirituality. Now the term is off and running through a busy series of events, not least of which are the VCE Exams.

The Chaplin to the Italian Community in this area, Fr Julian Cavarzan is currently leading a “Pilgrimage” Group touring Tasmania. No word has reach us yet, but we suspect that a few would have been sea-sick on the Ferry crossing to Tasmania as it was the night of the great wind. We don’t know whether the Chaplin stood on the deck and called the sea to be calm, but we WILL, no doubt get the full story at our next weekly Community gathering.

Yet another container has been carefully packed by Br Joe and Fr Oreste and sent off to Timor Leste. The flow of donated goods continues.

May Winter give way to the warmth or early Summer as we glide into the period of Day-light-Saving. May PEACE come to the world!

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