Salesian Missions African Appeal

African Appeal

African AppealSalesian Missions has launched an appeal to help the starving in the Horn of Africa.

Br Michael Lynch said he has received an urgent request for emergency help for food from Br Cesare Bullo, Co-ordinator of the Salesian Relief Programme in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Br Cesare says that in the present crisis there is no food for millions of men, women and children. “The people are waiting in vain for saving rain”, he writes. “And then they start the march by foot, with a bundle full of nothing, for a journey hundreds of kilometres long, looking for places where the rain has fallen.
“It is a great gamble to walk for days without food… knowing that death is just around the corner.
“The few who succeed in finishing the journey arrive exhausted in refugee camps in lands that have suffered droughts similar to theirs.
“The Horn of Africa is facing an incredible tragedy because of the droughts and famine affecting Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea, Uganda and Djibouti. We have had no rain for many months
“While the needs are enormous, viz. medical assistance, education, protection against ethnic and political abuses, social and moral development etc., in the current emergency our priority is to help people to survive.
“There are four Ethiopian refugee camps. These are at Awbare, Shader, Bokol Mayo and Melka Dida and they are already overcrowded. More than a thousand refugees and displaced persons are arriving daily in this region, most suffering from malnutrition.
“We are bringing basic food, especially water and multivitamin biscuits for the children. There are hundreds and of thousands of people whose lives are in danger.
“We cannot remain indifferent and impassive in this great tragedy. We are urgently looking for funds to purchase food and urgently needed medications. I hope you can help us.”
Donations are tax deductible. They can be sent to the Salesian Missions Office, P O Box 264, ASCOT VALE Vic 3032. Or Donate Online Now!