Annual Handley Cup won by St Mark’s

The Handley Cup is contested each year between St. Mark’s College Port Pirie and Xavier College Gawler in South Australia to honour their former principal, Fr Denis Handley. Senior football and netball teams get together alternatively at each school to claim the cup. The students of St. Mark’s College Port Pirie claimed the 2014 Cup last week.

The principal of St. Mark’s, Greg Hay reports;

Our College engaged in our school ‘intercoll’ with Xavier College last week to contest the Father Dennis Handley Cup. Our Bosco students created four netball teams and two football teams. It was a wonderful experience of sporting endeavour and school unity but it was much more in that we shared a sense of the importance of our Salesian network. There was a pride in welcoming and a determination in playing, and whilst we encouraged the effort, we also emphasised the connection in a Don Bosco context. It was about and being together. We reflected upon the legacy of Fr Dennis Handley.

He would delight at the contest and he would want there to be plenty of encouragement and smiles all around. The charismatic Dennis Handley, who was Principal of St Mark’s for seven years and Principal of Xavier College for eleven years would applaud the friendship, our celebration and the unity. He is looking down from Heaven now and would surely be slightly chuffed. Somehow St Mark’s managed to scrap through for a win. We hosted an important event and the students responded superbly. There was plenty of desperation, some heroism, a dash too much testosterone and warm handshakes to finish. I know that a big team of staff made something important happen for the students.

Thanks to Brett Czechowski and Jess Oxford for this management. Father Dennis Handley was honoured and there is a little silverware in our Front Office.

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