ASYM conducted Spirituality Days in Gawler

A group of young leaders of the Australian Salesian Youth Mentors from Melbourne have visited Xavier College in Gawler, South Australia, to conduct spirituality days for year nine and eleven students.

David Smith, Director of Salesian Identity and Ethos Programs of Xavier College, reports;

This year we were fortunate to have six young people from the Australian Salesian Youth Mentors (ASYM) facilitate both of our Faith Formation days for the second time.

The theme of this year's Year 11 Faith Formation day, which was held on Tuesday August 20th was "Connecting, but are we really connected?" The students were challenged during the day to see how often there is a 'disconnect' in relationships because each individual sees different, yet equally relevant points of view and often struggles to see the other side.

They were also asked to reflect on the importance of being aware of our place in the world and that by doing the little things, making small changes, reaching out to others and looking into ourselves, we can accept God's place in our lives.

The Year 9 Faith Formation day was held on Wednesday August 21st and its theme was 'we are all gifted'. The students were presented with the concept that everyone has been 'gifted' by God and 'being gifted' is not just about being the 'best' at something.

They were challenged to discover that as humans we must discover the gifts that make us the unique people that we are…It is no use just us knowing however, we must share these gifts with others. We need to help each other discover each other's gifts and encourage everyone to share. When everyone is willing to share their gifts, it creates a more vibrant faith filled school community, full of colour and life.

Source: Xavier College