ASYM Retreat

On the weekend of 19 – 21 June the ASYM group held the second Retreat for the year with the theme of ‘Community’. (The group has three weekend retreats each year, one focussing on Mission, one on Community and one on Faith). 30 young people participated in the event, which was held at Casa Pallotti in Milgrove.

As the group is now quite large and diverse, the focus of the weekend was on ‘What does being part of the ASYM faith community mean to me?’ and ‘where to from here?’ which allowed for wonderful discussion, greater clarification, and a better sense of the purpose of this community of young Salesian youth.

The program was typical of Salesian youth gatherings and included all of the elements which make such a gathering typically ‘Salesian’ – music, games and fun; presentations, proposals and discussion groups and shared meals, prayer and reflection. Fr Frank Moloney gave a challenging presentation on community in the Scriptures, Romina Martiniello on commitment to a community, and a number of people shared their insights into a Salesian Youth Community.  Fr John Papworth and Fr Bernie Graham were present for different parts of the weekend.

For the first time there was one participant at the retreat from the Don Bosco Youth Group in Gawler, and one from the embryonic group in Glenorchy.

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