The Bosco Cup at Xavier

Bosco Cup Winner

Bosco Cup WinnerThe members of the de Sales House at Xavier College in Gawler were awarded for their efforts by being declared the winners of the Bosco Cup for 2010.

The Bosco Cup acknowledges the outstanding achievements of our students in the areas of academia, Christian Citizenship and Sport. Each of these elements of College life is represented by a shield. There are series of activities or sets of results for each shield that are allocated a number of points.

The Academic Shield is declared by combining each student’s Grad Point Average and their end of semester results. The Christian Citizenship shield is determined by how each House supports the work of Caritas Australia, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and the missionary work of the Salesians throughout the world. The Sport shield is awarded based on the way each House performs on Athletics Day, at the Swimming Carnival and the Cross Country challenge.

The results for 2010:

Academic Dimension Shield

  • 1st Occhiena  14 pts
  • 2nd de Sales  12 pts
  • 3rd Mazzarello  12 pts
  • 4 th Handley  10 pts

Christian Citizenship Dimension Shield

  • 1st de Sales  16 pts
  • 2nd Handley  12 pts
  • 3 rd Mazzarello   8 pts
  • 4th Occhiena   4 pts

Sporting Dimension Shield

  • 1st Mazzarello  15 pts
  • 2nd Occhiena  11 pts
  • 3rd de Sales  10 pts
  • 4th Handley   4 pts

The overall result:

  • 1st de Sales   38 pts
  • 2nd Mazzarello  35 pts
  • 3rd Occhiena   29 pts
  • 4th Handley   26 pts

As winners of the 201 Bosco Cup, the students of the de Sales House were successful not because they dominated all elements of College life, more over, throughout the year, they were able to consistently display a high level of commitment to helping the needs of others by supporting the 3 main Catholic charities the College supports, apply themselves to their studies as well as challenge themselves physically at the main sporting events for the year.

Congratulations de Sales!


Source: Xavier College