The Sculpture at Lysterfield

The Sculpture

The SculptureBr. Michael Harris SDB, a member of the Salesian community at Lysterfield and a staff member at St. Joseph College Ferntree Gully, has been keeping busy working on a sculpture. Trained and having a passion for painting, he recently ventured into sculpture-making as his newly-discovered hobby.

Currently, Br. Michael is working on a life-size sculpture of St. Joseph the carpenter and the boy Jesus. He explained that it not only represent Joseph and Jesus. It can also be seen as teacher and student, master and pupil, and parent and child.

It is quiet obvious on the sculpture that the adult figure holding a tool while leading the teenage figure who is holding a book and eagerly following him in the process of learning.

The sculpture is progressing well. Br. Michael is hoping to transform it into a bronze one in the near future.

Anyone, passing by Lysterfield area is welcome to drop into see the progress of the sculpture. Br. Michael will be more than happy to show you his project in his humility.