Brotherhood Cup 2010

Brotherhood Cup 2010

Brotherhood Cup 2010The recent second Brotherhood Cup of football (Soccer) tournament, happened at St. Joseph College, Melbourne was a great event. The organizing committee met at Salesian Theological College, Clifton Hill, the previous year’s champions. The main aim of this tournament is to promote a sporting spirit and brotherhood among the seminarians of religious congregations, Diocesan Seminarians and other Catholic groups around Melbourn.

The event started with a joyous and prayerful Eucharistic celebration led by Fr. Peter Rankin, the Rector of the Salesian Theological College, Clifton Hill.

There were six teams comprised of eight religious orders and two Catholic youth groups. Through rain, hail, wind and sunshine, the joyous competitive spirit of all players prevailed, competition became serious and fierce elements of nature were subjugated.



In the afternoon, a delicious barbeque added more flavor to this tournament, and after lunch all the teams continued playing more vigorously to reach in the finals. The tournament concluded with the presentation of perpetual trophy to the winning team at the end of the day. This year’s champions are the Collingwood Vietnamese choirs, who have recently celebrated 30 years in what is now the Salesian parish of Collingwood.

It was a great day in the spirit of sharing, friendship and brotherhood amongst the seminarians and the local youth.