Burmese Catholic Ministry in Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia where housing is cheaper for migrants and refugees coming in from many different countries including Burma. There are several factories that employ new settlers who generally work hard without much complaints.

The number of Burmese Catholic migrants have increased in Adelaide in the last ten years. Many of them are young families with younger children. Recently, even the migrants from Melbourne have moved to Adelaide for better employment opportunities.

To serve the spiritual needs of the Burmese Catholics in Adelaide, Fr Will Matthews SDB, from Melbourne visited the City of Churches on 25-26 February. During his visit, a marriage was celebrated on 25th February, and on 26th February a Mass in Burmese including two infant baptisms were celebrated at St. Augustine’s Chapel in Salisbury. Fr Will also visited a number of families giving House-blessings and providing spiritual inputs.

The Salesians in Australia have come from different countries and many of them tend to look after the faithful of their countries of origin where possible. Fr Will Matthews, born and bred in Burma, oversees the spiritual needs of the Burmese Catholics in Melbourne, Adelaide, Wagga Wagga, and Auckland, Wellington and Nelson in New Zealand.


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