Cagliero Young Salesian Volunteers Update


South-East-Asia-MapThe director of the Cagliero Project, Lauren Bicknell-Hichaaba, has recently made a trip to South East Aisa to catch up with the Young Salesian Volunteers from Australia who are in the mission woring with young people. Below is an article Lauren like to share with all SNAP readers.

The South East Asia Cagliero volunteers are in the midst of their volunteer service and are doing wonderfully!  As the Director of the Project I had the opportunity to visit them during the month of May.  First of all – May in South East Asia is HOT – 35 degree days and humidity to go along with that!  The volunteers are all used to their surroundings and didn’t seem to be as troubled by the weather!

My first stop was in Chiang Mai to visit Matthew.  He has been working hard at Don Bosco Home for boys from the northern hill tribes of Thailand.  The boys have a very busy schedule that Matthew has adjusted to very well.  In addition to teaching at the local Technical School, Matthew is also helping out the farm run by the home.  He has a background in Environmental Science and is a great asset.  His Thai is coming along well and I have no doubt he will be fluent very soon.

There are three volunteers in Cambodia – Michael, Hannah and Simon.  All three are working hard and learning as much as they can about Cambodia.  All three are speaking Khmer which is helping them to be more effective when they are teaching English. Cambodia has such a recent, dark history.  The volunteers have taken the time to learn about the occupation of the Khmer Rouge but have explained to me that understanding the complexities can take a very long time.

All the SDB’s in these volunteer placements are impressed with the Salesian Spirit of all four Cagliero volunteers.  We want to continue to sustain Thailand and Cambodia with volunteers as they are really contributing to the success of these missions.

In July I will have the opportunity to visit Michael and Paul who are volunteering in Samoa.  So far all the reports from Samoa have been positive and it seems that these two are also having a great impact through the Cagliero Project.  Let’s just hope Samoa is a little cooler than Asia!


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