Canonization Process for Fr Giacomin Fortunato

After the official letter of the Superior of MYM Vice-province Fr. Joachim Ye Maung was appointed as the in charge of the preliminary stage of the process of canonization. In spite of his eye difficulties, Fr. Joaquim sent hundreds of emails to many friends of Don Bosco – diocesan bishops, clergy, religious, lay people as well to many past pupils and those who benefited the social and medical services of Fr. Giacomin in Anisakan. At the end of this preliminary stage would prepared first Dossier that will contain main biographical data, spiritual and pastoral profile of Fr. Fortunato as well the extract of this first round of unofficial testimonies.

We are expecting many testimonials in this preliminary stage. First of them came from Australia. Indeed the new Provincial-elect of the Australia-Pacific province, Fr. Matthews is also a former student of Fr. Fortunato Giacomin in Anisakan, in his prenovitiate year (1993):

Fr Giacomin was a well-known Salesian priest to my family, particularly my parents and grand-parents. I was lucky enough to be able to spend a few months in Anisakan with Fr Giacomin during my pre-novitiate.

I used to pray the breviary with him every evening. I still remember him reading the biographical memoirs of St John Bosco as spiritual reading about fifteen minutes each evening. My English language wasn’t very good. But it was great listening to the he used to read slowly and clearly for me in his Italian-English ascent.

I witnessed him as a humble man who lived out his Salesian life as the best of his ability. He was a great role model for all Salesians in Burma. He helped them and guided them in their vocation. He was strict, yet always with a smile. Fr Giacomin was prepared to tell you if you not doing the right thing.

Spoke Burmese language quite well, and ready to share a joke with anyone he met along the way. He used to get up early to celebrate Mass and spend some time in prayer and meditation. He proved himself as a hard worker, not wasting time at all at any stage.

Fr Giacomin was a very gentle and caring person. He showed God’s love to all he met in his life. He always greeted people with respect.

In my time with him, he served as a pharmacist to the students, Salesians, and the poor locals in Anisakan. There were always a large number of people lining in front of his little clinic every evening during the week to get some free treatment or medication. A lot of his patients still remember him fondly.

He never look for self-promotion or credit for his work. Always happy to do the given job to the best of his ability. Finally, Fr Giacomin dedicated his entire life as a Salesian for the people of Burma.

I sincerely believe that he is with God, because there is no other place for him.

Source: AustraLasia

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