Cardinal Rodríguez confirmed as President of Caritas Internationalis

Cardinal Rodriguez

Cardinal RodriguezCardinal Oscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, archbishop of Tegucicalpa, was confirmed in office for another four years as President of Caritas Internationalis. The election took place on Tuesday 24 May in the context of the 19th General Assembly of the Confederation of Catholic Charitable Organisations which ends tomorrow Friday 27 May.

“I should like to thank the Confederation for its support and I am happy at the prospect of another four years at the service of the poor,” Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga said after his re-election with 75% of the votes. Cardinal Maradiaga also spoke about the main aims during the coming years: the fight against poverty and on behalf of unity and communion, to make the human race a single family. “Zero poverty-a single human family” therefore will be the motto of Caritas Internationalis for the next four years.

Interviewed on Vatican Radio the President of Caritas Internationalis observed: “As the Holy Father has said, there is a danger that the banks – forgetting all the suffering caused by the economic crisis – will return once again to the practice of credit deals which open the way to unlimited financial speculation. On our part therefore, we are thinking about forging ahead with this great project of the fight against poverty and the promotion of solidarity.”

At the General Assembly there are about 300 representatives of the member organisations of Caritas from every part of the world . In addition to the President, the Assembly has already elected Jürg Krummenacher from Swizz Caritas as treasurer- a post he had held on an interim basis for a year. The election for the Secretary-General will be today, Thursday.


Source: ANS Info