Catholic Press Congress October 4-10

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Vatican LogoThe Pontifical Council for Social Communications will be organising the Catholic Press Congress in Rome, 4-10 October. The topics will be of general interest:

1. The Future of the Press: Challenges and Opportunities. 

Panel: Representatives from major international newspapers

 2. The Catholic Press: Global Challenges. 

Panel: Editors/Directors of major Catholic publications
Questions: Delegates gather in continental groups to discuss present state of Catholic Press and future possibilities

  3. The Catholic Press: Expectations and Hopes. 

Panel: Speakers offering different ecclesial perspectives (Bishop, Vatican representative, Lay-person, Journalist from Catholic Press, Academic.)

Questions: How is Catholic Press contributing to the Public Forum? To the “diaconate of culture”? To the life of the Church?

 4. Ecclesial Communion and Controversies. Freedom of Expression and the Truth of the Church

Panel: Blogger, Church spokesperson, Theologian, Sociologist, Secular Journalist.
Questions: Should Catholic Press avoid certain topics? How should it speak of controversial issues? Should it give a voice to dissent?

5. Catholic Press and the Internet.

Panel: Experts chosen to address different elements of the challenge of new media (Economic aspects, journalistic challenges, interactivity, language, digital divide)
Questions: What are the opportunities offered by new media? How can Catholic Press help Church to be effectively present in digital age? What are the challenges?

6. Internet Initiatives. Structures and Needs – Meeting the glocal demands.
Panel: Representatives chosen to showcase successful ventures in use of new media by Church communicators (Local papers, Online services, Diocesan Websites, Networked Diocesan Papers, on-line parish.)
Questions: How we can we work together? What would be helpful to support your work? What resources might we share?


Source: Social Communication