Vocational fidelity of the Salesian

Don Cereda

Don Cereda“A gift of God for his personal salvation, holiness and joy, it is above all a gift given him for the good of the young and of the Church,” is how Fr Francesco Cereda, General Councillor for Formation, describes the vocation to Salesian consecrated life in an interview published in the Mexican Salesian Bulletin.

Invited to comment on the Guidelines in the Acts of the General Council n. 410, Fr Cereda clearly explained the meaning of “Vocational Fidelity” as required nowadays by the consecrated Salesian. In the first place he considers the limitations to fidelity, such as psychological, vocational and formation fragility, which all those concerned with formation need to bear in mind while accompanying those confreres entrusted to their care.

In the year during which the whole Salesian Family is thinking about the meaning of “Come and see,” Fr Cereda also recalls that in consecrated life two fidelities are involved: that of God and that of the person called to base the growth of his own on the divine model.

In his reflections Fr Cereda also considers religious discipline as strictly connected with vocational fidelity: “vocational fidelity is the mystical aspect of our vocation, whereas religious discipline is its ascetical aspect. Here is another case in which the mystical and the ascetical aspects are to be cultivated together.”

Finally Fr Cereda mentions that in the light of the bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco knowledge of, love and gratitude for his charism can play an important role in fostering vocational fidelity.

The complete text of the interview is available in the Service section of ANS.


Source: ANS Info