Christmas: Sharing our Gifts


Christmas MessageThe days leading up to Christmas are an exciting time for all of us. We think and plan on what we are going to buy for our loved ones and friends. Many people enjoy buying gifts at this time of the year. Some people have difficulty dragging themselves to shopping centres, just to stay out of all the hassles.

Apart from all the frenzies happening at shopping centres, there seems to be a fantastic atmosphere of joy in peoples faces these days. Many shoppers seem to be happy searching for presents for their loved ones. Good on them!

Some people might be wondering who started this ‘giving gifts’ or ‘exchanging gifts’ idea for the first time? They feel obliged to buy gifts, even at least for themselves. Was it Santa who started the idea of sharing gifts? A few might candidly say YES to this question. Or was it someone else?

The real meaning of Christmas is amazing. The Gospel of John [3:16] says ‘God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son.’ God has given His only Son to us as a precious gift. This is the best gift ever from our loving God to his children. More importantly, God’s gift to us was a person, the person of Jesus Christ who was born as a poor child in a Bethlehem stable.

Christmas season is a season to prove ourselves how we can be a ‘precious gift’ to our loved ones regardless of any material gifts. God has loved the world so much and given us a person, Jesus Christ, as a priceless gift. Let this Christmas season be a time of giving ourselves and our love to our loved ones!

Wishing you all a very holy, joyful and safe Christmas. May the blessings of the Child Jesus be upon you and your loved ones in this holy season!

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