Communicating the Word of God in the Middle Earth

New Zealand is a home to many migrants and refugees from several countries. This country with around 6 million people is happy to accept the needy around the world to call it a home.

The Salesian parishes in New Zealand have many refugees and low-income people under their ministry. St. Paul parish in Massey is a an example where many new settlers call home. These new arrivals are well-looked after by the Salesians. They too in turn contribute the life of the parish as they are the new face of the Catholic Church in New Zealand.

Every Salesian is called to be a communicator of the Word of God to all people, especially the young. They are personally responsible to preach the Good News with their lives and actions.

The Provincial Delegate for Social Communications, Fr Will Matthews SDB, from Melbourne visited New Zealand from 1-8 April to share the Word of God to the Burmese Catholic communities settled in Auckland and Wellington. During his visit, prayer services including the sharing of the Word of God were celebrated at different families each evening. The faithfuls were given a chance to listen, to share and to ask questions on the Word of God.

During the day Fr Will visited many families to listen to their stories and provided spiritual, social and personal needs to them.

Many Burmese Catholics were very grateful to have visited by a priest who understands their language and with whom they could have Reconciliation in their own language particularly towards the end of Lenten season.

Fr Will Matthews normally visits New Zealand about two or three times a year to proclaim the Word of God and to share God’s love to the needy people of the Middle Earth.

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