Seoul ‘Dream’ Youth Centre in Salesian hands!

Don Bosco Corea

Don Bosco CoreaOn November 25, the Seoul Metropolitan Government officially announced that they have chosen the Salesian Society in Korea to run a new facility for youth, the so-called Seoul Dream Youth Centre, at least for the next three years. The Centre will open next July.

The new Centre will be located in one of the commercially-developed districts in Seoul city and easily approachable through public transport. The building, belonging to local government, used be a Medical Centre now transferred to the outskirts of the city. It has 5 floors, of which the 4th, 5th and B1 floors will be allocated for the Youth Centre, with a total of 6,500 square metres of space.

The new youth complex will provide a one-stop service for any youngster: counselling, outreach, drop-in, leisure time programs, career counselling, after school, alternative school…. a Valdocco-style oratory in the ultra-modern Korean Capital! The necessary funding for managing the Centre, about a million and a half dollars a year, will be provided by the local government, City of Seoul.

The Salesians will sign a contract at the end of this month with Seoul City and than begin remodelling the building in order to adapt it for youth programs to open next July.

Our Seoul correspondent indicates that the Centre will be an excellent ‘Oratory’, creating real synergy on behalf of the young, especially those most in need, through collaboration between the Korean province with its experience, the newly-provided Government facility, and Don Bosco’s Loving kindness. Add to that the youth services of local government with its excellent organisation and administrative strength.


Source: AustraLasia