Day Three of the Provincial Chapter 18

Members of the chapter gathered again in the chapel for the Morning Prayer at 9:00am. [Good to be sitting a few minutes in the beautifully setup and decorated chapel to gather my thoughts before the morning prayer.] The theme of the prayer was the Emmaus Journey, story of two disciples walking to Emmaus who were joined by the risen Jesus along the way.

Like yesterday, no time was wasted. All chapter members went straight to the conference room for the first session. It was the Provincial Economer’s Report. Fr. Anthony Quang reported on the financial situation of the province. He was joined by Damian Giddens, the business manager, from the Province Centre at Ascot Vale, who gave some explanation on how Salesians should manage better in their financial matters. This was followed by the vibrant and humorous Over Sea Mission Report by Br. Michael Lynch, the director of the ASMOAF.

Above reports were followed by questions, clarifications and comments from the chapter members.

The chapter stopped for morning tea at 11:00am, and started again at 11:30am for group discussions on this morning reports. The groups came back as a large group and presented comments and proposals at 12:00pm. 

The morning sessions were concluded by the report from the Youth Ministry Team presented by Fr. Bernie Graham. This Youth Ministry is a new initiative in the province and Fr. Bernie explained that he is learning his role and mission along the way. There are many new exciting things to come from this team. He will need a fair bit of support from the works and communities within the province. The chapter stopped for lunch at 1:00pm.

Members resumed the chapter at 2:00pm by the report from the Social Communications Team presented by Fr. Will Matthews. He spoke about the printed and online media of the province. He pointed out that online media is the place where most young people to whom we can evangelize and educate. Group discussions, comments and proposals followed.

The afternoon session was concluded by the report on the Salesian Pacific Situation by Fr. Frank Moloney. We then moved across to the chapel for Eucharist celebration led by Fr. Peter Hoang, assisted by Deacon Martin Tanti and preached by Fr. Petelo Vito. It was a spiritually fulfilling way to conclude the afternoon. Dinner followed the Eucharist.

Group discussions were held again between 7:30 and 8:15pm on the topics of New Frontiers and Salesian Pacific situations. We then came back as a large group to do the comments and clarifications as a big group. Good to have some Pacifican Salesians in the chapter who spoke passionately and honestly about their concerns and future to all members of the chapter. Once again, we had to stop at 9:00pm, after twelve hours marathon.

Morning came and evening came, it was the third day.

Have a very holy and happy Easter Week.