DBTI on the Web

In keeping with our ever-changing technology, Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson,  is proud to announce that it has launched its website for the Institution.  The Delegate, Fr Raffy Galve, SDB, officially launched the website on 4th October, 2014 in the presence of Salesians, and the Principal and staff of Don Bosco Technical Institute. The launch took place in the Henderson Audio visual Hall.

The website – www.dbti-si.com – opens with the statue of Don Bosco and images of the young, creatively and colourfully put together.

 'Journeying with the Young' is the slogan that appears on the first slide, while 'Good Christians and Honest Citizens of Solomon Islands' appears, with a photograph of the entire school, on the next slide.

Fr. Raffy Galve, SDB, then addressed the staff at their monthly meeting. He thanked them for the work of educating the young and encouraged the staff to make use of the means of technology, and the opportunities they have for upgrading and preparing themselves to educate others. "Make every effort to study and prepare yourselves to meet the challenges of daily life, and ensure that you are ready to teach our young people", he said. He reminded the teachers that building moral character goes hand in hand with academic training, and that they have to better themselves and better the lives of the young people of our country.

The DBTI website was designed and constructed by Hayden Powick, NZ Mahitahi volunteer. Hayden, now back in New Zealand, shared his computer skills with the students of Don Bosco. He also ran several other courses and programmes including an Introduction to Web design. The website has several different sections – Articles, Photos, Calendar, etc. While still in construction it gives the DBTI students various possibilities of networking and connection.