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Don Bosco's Way

Don Bosco's WayThe website is entitled Don Bosco’s Way or in its longer form: “Educating for a happy life in Don Bosco’s Way”. It is an attempt to present Don Bosco’s method of education to the multi-religious, multi-cultural population of South Asia and beyond.

Don Bosco’s method is a unique contribution to the science of holistic education. Beginning in 1841, it has proved its versatility across continents, cultures and contexts, regardless of the differences and challenges so typical of grass-root implementation. It has succeeded in creating responsible citizens in diverse situations, from formal educational institutes of higher learning to non-formal programmes for children on the streets; from lobbying for child-rights at the UN to safeguarding those same privileges in the favellas of San Paulo or the bastis of Mumbai.

The new website now offers educators, parents and youth leaders the opportunity to be enriched by the genius of Don Bosco and his educational approach. More specifically, this website is designed to equip the staff and collaborators of initiatives managed and supported by the Salesians of Don Bosco with the concepts, attitudes and skills essential to understanding and practising the method in their work with youth.

Visitors to the website will first be introduced to the personality of Don Bosco and his role in history. The next section is dedicated to the main purpose of the website – the elaboration of Don Bosco’s Way of educating youth. It contains the basic principles of his educational method interpreted in a secular, layman’s language with the potential of being applied to all situations irrespective of race, culture or creed. A special section for parents shows how the method can be practised with children from infancy to young adulthood.

The section on Resources is a rich and abundant data bank containing original writings of Don Bosco, historical researches on his method, applications to various contexts, specialised studies that focus on important principles of his educational approach, as well as animation material. The audiovisual section includes a film on Don Bosco’s life and excellent video links that reflect Don Bosco’s educational concern. A constantly updated collection of news and best practices testifies to the relevance and  timeliness of the method.

The website was inaugurated in Rome at the Salesian Headquarters on 24 January 2010. The process of regular updating continues to ensure that Don Bosco’s greatest contribution to humanity will still be available for all those who seek it.