What do I think of OzBosco?

OzBosco Participants

OzBosco ParticipantsOzBosco was a happy, faith-filled, companionship and celebratory event happened for the Salesian youth two weeks ago in Sydney. Here are some comments posted by some participants.

I loved how everyone was so happy. It made me forget about all the bad things going on in the world and it was just so amazing to see how much fun a group of people could have in a short amount of time. [Bianca]

The friendships that I developed and strengthened over the period of the OzBosco weekend was something that I will never forget. The experience was truly a once in a life?time opportunity. [Millie]

Surprisingly OzBosco was a great time all the activities and people were amazing. [Luke]

I thought all the activities were all so good and taught us a lot. I loved all the singing and dancing and my favourite part was the bush dance! [Therese]

I really enjoyed the OzBosco experience. It was great to meet new people and learn about the Salesians. It was a great experience and I took a lot away from it. [Ben]

The OzBosco trip to Sydney was an amazing experience. All students involved were able to gain knowledge and widened our perspective on life. We met many new friends and caught up with old ones. Overall, it was a great experience and we gained a lot out of it. [Maddie & Jordan]

OzBosco was a great experience to do. [Tim]

I thought OzBosco was an awesome opportunity and I really enjoyed it. My favourite part was the party boat cruise. [Ellen]

One part of OzBosco I really enjoyed was when we painted the face of Don Bosco. It was really cool and our group painted part of his nose. It will be entered in an art competition over there. Br. Stan said ‘if it wins it will hang in the youth centre’. [Stefan]


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