December Good-Night Talk

Dear Friends and Salesian Family members!

Each one of us does reflect at the end of the year about the most meaningful moments, encounters, gifts received or challenges faced. When I look back at this year, the strongest impression that comes to my mind are the numerous witnesses of Jesus who bring the Joy of the Gospel to the ‘peripheries’ of our times.

I give thanks for the meeting with the family of Pakistani Bosconian, martyr Akash Bashir (+2015, March 15) in Lahore – Youhanabbad parish of St. John.

I give thanks for the whole life witness of Salesian Family members who moved the hearts of thousands with their life-long passion for the poor youth, like Fr. Gaetano Nicosia (CIN) and Br. Elmer Rodriguez (FIN) and many others.

I give thanks for the tireless effort of Pope Francis to keep us on the track to growth as out-reaching Catholic community. All of us are touched by his visit to Myanmar and Bangladesh. Indeed ‘the periphery of the world’ are becoming the heart of the Church!

On my ongoing journey around the 23 countries of our Region, I keep always in my luggage the paper copy of the SDB Constitutions and The Joy of the Gospel. Through the reading and meditation on the project for the Church according Pope Francis Apostolic Exhortation, I’m more and more touched by his stress to reach out to all! At the end of this year, I remind to myself again the motto of one Chinese Salesian who was motivated during his life by the following motto ‘Tutto a Gesù, Gesù a tutti!’ For me it is daily strong invitation to live like Don Bosco as disciple-missionary of Jesus. The wisdom of  ‘Cetera Tolle’ (All for Jesus) helps us to live the ‘Da Mihi Animas’ (Jesus for All) in this life motto: All for Jesus, Jesus for all!

一切為耶穌, 耶穌為一切人! (Chinese)

Todo para Jesus, Jesús para todos! (Espanol)
Tous pour Jésus, Jésus pour tous! (Francais)
Jesus para todos, todos para Ele! (Portoguese)
Wszystko dla Jezusa, Jezus dla wszystkich! (Polish)
예수님께 모든 것을, 모든 이들을 예수님께로! (Korean)
全てをイエスに、イエスは全ての人に ! (Nihongo)

Hotu-hotu ba Jesus, Jesus ba hotu-hotu (Tetum)

Semua buat Yesus, Yesus buat semua (Indonesian)

Givim olgeta long Jisas, givim Jisas long olgeta! (Pidgin)


In Don Bosco,

Fr. Václav Klement, SDB

EAO Regional councillor

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