Dominic Feast Day in Glenorchy

What a great Feast Day we celebrated on Wednesday! What a great way to celebrate our Salesian saints, St John Bosco and St Dominic Savio! The day was filled with faith, food and fun all essential ingredients in a Salesian education.

A well-thought out quiz began proceedings followed by a special Mass honouring two giants in our Christian heritage, John Bosco and Dominic Savio. Students are to be commended for the way they participated in the Liturgy. A great team effort put together delicious individually catered salad rolls for lunch and the afternoon was spent playing a variety of games focusing on easy participation. All good. I would like to now say something specifically about the two saints we honoured during the week.

Dominic Savio came to the oratory at Valdocco already well credentialed. When his former teacher introduced the young Savio to Don Bosco he used these words, ‘I can truthfully say that in twenty years of teaching boys I have never had one to equal Dominic. He was only a boy in age but he had the sense and judgement of a fully mature person.’

But in the two and a half years with Don Bosco, Dominic became more wellrounded, more balanced, more integrated. He thought holiness considered primarily in being reserved and serious in temperament, undertaking long hours of prayer, fasting two or three times a week, doing bodily penance.

Bosco shattered this notion of holiness and set his young student on a different path. To use Bosco’s own words in an encounter between the two, ‘I urged him not to get too worked up, because in that state it is not easy to know what God wants. I said to him that for the moment he should regain his customary cheerfulness, persevere in his regular life of study, to pray and especially not neglect to be with his companions in games and recreation.’

There you have it, all the makings of a well- integrated person. Not too much of one thing. The hallmarks of a balanced life include joy, study, prayer and leisure. All are needed for a happy life. This is paraphrased in the charter for all schools in the Salesian tradition which demands that they be ‘a home that welcomes, a parish that evangelises, a school that prepares for life and a playground where friends can meet and enjoy themselves.’ All of this was evident on Wednesday when we celebrated a special Feast Day. Congratulations to the whole Dominic community for making it all happen.

Fr Peter Rankin, SDB – Dominic College Rector

Source: Dominic College

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