Don Bosco Summer Camps

Online applications are opened for leadership camp for youth and holiday camps for school age children. Youth leadership camp will be held in the first week of December while three holiday camps for young people are held in the first three weeks of January.

Don Bosco Camp Leadership Camp

December 2-5, 2013

For people wishing to volunteer on the Don Bosco Holiday Camps.

Must be 17 or over and have a Working with Children Check

This Leadership camp is an essential requirement for anyone wishing to work as a leader on the Salesian Holiday Programs at Dromana. Salesian Holiday Camps have been conducted at Dromana for almost 70 years. Central to their success is the Salesian peer-to peer youth leadership approach. For anyone interested in joining this dynamic team, the Leadership Camp is the place to start. The Leadership Camp is a valuable experience designed to support, encourage and equip participants to work with young people, not just on camps, but also in a wide variety of settings: youth groups, parishes, schools, community groups and camps. The Don Bosco Camp Leaders are a team made up of committed and passionate young people who specialise in running holiday camps.

The cost is $175, and includes accommodation, all meals and activities, group photo, Leaders' Kit and a Leaders T-Shirt. You can bring a small amount of tuck-shop spending money. Where more than one young person from the same family is attending a camp, the charge for each additional young person is reduced by $35. However, no person will be excluded because of financial reasons.

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Don Bosco Holiday Camps

Junior One Summer Camp
January 6-9, 2014
Young people aged 9-13 years


Senior Summer Camp
January 13-17, 2014
Young people aged 13-16 years


Junior Two Summer Camp
January 20-23, 2014
Young people aged 9-13 years

Hundreds of young people experience camp every summer and winter at Don Bosco Camp. Camps are a compelling, valuable and integral recreational experience that provides developmental values for our young people. Of all the possibilities for personal and community growth offered in this day and age, going to camp gives a young person a rewarding opportunity to gather, interact and create a 'temporary community' which is neither home nor school. Don Bosco Camp provides an opportune situation for them to share fun activities, be challenged and to experience a different form of leadership offered by young people within a supportive environment.

No child will be excluded because of financial reasons. (Please phone for funding application and more details)

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