Feast Day celebrations at St. Mark’s Port Pirie

Our students have recently completed their involvement in the celebration of Catholic Education Week. It was very successful. We recognised the blessing of community and our commitment to faith. We talked together about care of the earth, and through fundraising, we supported those less fortunate than us. We celebrated our learning and reflected on how lucky we are because we have families who so richly support our Catholic Education system.

The students involved themselves in a series of events including a poster competition for earth care and a fundraising for Caritas in the form of a kilometre of coins. The students switched off the lights in every classroom on the Thursday to soft en, just a little, the carbon footprint and to conclude we enjoyed a wonderful Mass and activity afternoon.

Fr Bernie GrahamFather Bernie Graham, a Salesian joined us for the Mass. He travelled from Melbourne because of the importance of the Salesian connection to this school. We shared with Fr Bernie a sense of trust in Don Bosco; we shared a sense of faith as well as fun, friendship and that special Salesian quality of seeing the best in each other. I liked that. I like us all seeing goodness and potential. That is what we celebrated. That Fr Bernie was here meant that he wanted to help us understand this Salesian tradition. He shared with us Salesian hope, Salesian spirit.

And what united us all, in that Catholic Education Week, in that squashed Good Samaritan Hall for Mass, was aknowledge that Our Lady, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was especially blessing us that day. In our faith we knew that there was a special protection and love that comes from our belief. It is a belief shared by Don Bosco and our visitor Fr Bernie, a belief shared by our Church, and a belief we shared that day.

What followed our Mass was an exuberant spirit of play. Hundreds flooded onto the oval for relay races. There was teachers guiding and batons beings passed. There were hoops to go through and shouts of encouragement. There were balls going everywhere. Year 12s were guiding the Foundations and the connections made were just a joy. The Year 11s supported the Year 1s and the competitive spirit tried to rise above the laughter. There were plenty cheering for success but really, we were there for no other reason, than being together, and being at play. Enjoyment defeated competition – well maybe not with a few of the boys – well lots of the boys actually.

However, Mary Help of Christians would have been smiling down, as would have St John Bosco.

Ms Melissa Gadaleta, who stage managed the whole thing magnificently was also smiling and gave away 1000 Chupa Chups to celebrate.

By Mr Greg Hay, College Principal

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