Fr Mosese walking for a bus

After a week-end of almost non-stop rain the sun rose brightly over the village of Salelologa on the “big Island” of Savaii.  Monday 19th of August.  

This was the day on which Father Mosese, the principal of Don Bosco Salelologa,  had planned to start his big walk around the island (some 180+ kms) to raise funds for a school bus for the Don Bosco High School and Vocational Centre.

School attendance is often totally dependent on public transport, which means that students living in remote places have to get up before 6.00 am to catch their bus to school.  If the bus happens to be full with full fare paying passengers, school children are sometimes left behind to wait for the next bus, if there is one. To have a bus is almost a must for any school.  

So Father Mosese planned a “Walk for a Bus” event, when he would walk around the island.  This was not a “one Man” event.  Soon support grew from all corners of the island. Cagliero volunteers Catherine and Declan decided to walk with him, some friends and teachers offered material and logistic support.  Three big businesses (Bluesky telecommunications, TVT 3, the Vaiimoana resort) are sponsoring the event.

The day started with a well attended Mass at 6.00 am, after which the Parish and the Mothers’ Association presented their contributions. Speeches of support and blessings, a hearty breakfast followed, before the team got on the way.  On Saturday 24th August the whole school will be waiting at the village of Puapua to walk the final stage with Father We wish Father Mosese success with his fundraising marathon walk!  

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Thank you. Faafetai lava!