General Chapter 28 in 2020 at Valdocco

After ten days of hard work by the Intermediate General Council session (March 19-28) the Rector Major, Fr. Angel F. Artime announced in his Good Night Talk on Holy Wednesday the General Chapter 28 preparation path.

Two years of preparation until February 16, 2020 at Valdocco, Turin will be marked by the Provincial Chapters (September 2018 – June 2019) and as the Moderator of the GC was appointed Fr. Stefano Vanoli, the Secretary General of the Congregation helped by the Technical Commission composed of 4 General Councilors (SDB Reg. 112).

Seven weeks of GC28 work in the cradle of Salesian Society in Valdocco brings also a strong charismatic and symbolic touch to the incoming General Chapter.

There is a clear theme of the GC28 ‘What kind of Salesians for the Youth of today?’ with three specific focus – first on the Urgent mission for the youth of today, second on the Profile of the Salesian today and the third on the Shared mission by Salesians and Lay mission partners. Probably for the first time in Salesian history a General Chapter theme is expressed as one open question!

The GC28 dynamics are clearly signed by the present Catholic community stress on discernment (Evangelii Gaudium and the 2018 Synod about the Youth, Faith and Vocation Discernment). As already during recent General Chapters the Listening (deep grasp of the situation), Discernment – Interpretation (search for deep root causes) and finally to discern the Way Forward with respective choices.

The unity of the GC28 theme ‘What kind of Salesians for the young people of today’ will inspire the whole Salesian Congregation to discern new prophetic ways of serving the young people, energized by ongoing formation and sharing the mission with the lay mission partners.

There is always one ‘old’ wisdom – each General Chapter is not just for the 250 ‘elected Salesians’ but a good chance of renewal for all 14.500 ‘simple’ Salesians. We all are called to celebrate already from today on!

Good idea to start with a consistent  community prayer!

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