Getting Along With Others


A Reflection from Nagle College

Not every oyster produces a pearl. It would destroy the pearl market, if each time people opened an oyster, they found a lovely pearl there as a kind of present to go with their meal.Pearl

I understand that the only time an oyster produces a pearl is when sand gets inside the oyster shell and annoys the oyster so much that is secretes the fluid from which the pearl is made. If the sand doesn’t get in, and the oyster is not annoyed, then no pearl will form, and the oyster finishes on the dinner table.

A happy family, a happy class is something like the oyster. In every family, in every class there are problems, rows and disagreements, jealousies and tensions. These are like the grains of sand that get into the oyster shell. If these are used well and sensibly then the pearl of a happy family or class will form. We need patience, tolerance, respect, charity and a bit of good, old common sense to work on these clashes and disagreements.

A happy family, a happy class is not just an accident of temperaments that get along well together. Rather it is a group of people, even with different characters and temperaments, living and working together tolerating, forgiving, sharing and respecting each other. This is a really valuable tool.


Let us Pray,

Jesus, a happy family and a happy class depends on the willingness of each member to do his/her part to help this along. Help me to do my part and not to muck up the works of others. Amen.


Source: Nagle College