Grace-filled Season of Lent

Year of MercyThe season of Lent is a grace-filled forty days for the followers of Jesus Christ. It is a time to prepare for the greatest feast of Christian calendar and the summit of faith, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. During Lent, Christians are invited to focus more on prayer, fasting and alms giving.

We need to pray more to be united with our Creator who loves us unconditionally. This Creator is the one who welcomes and negotiates with their children outside His home to bring them inside like the father in the story of the prodigal son in the gospel of Luke.

Fasting is a form of self-denial to appreciate those who are less fortunate. What should I go without in order to appreciate life? It is not just about a little fasting and no-meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Christians can do better than that. Let’s give up something to appreciate life and, with a bit of luck, save some money from it to share with the less-fortunate.

Alms-giving depends on your generosity. It can come from what you have saved from your fasting during Lent. It can also come from what God has already given to you. Through giving, one receives more from God.

Spending more time in prayer in union with God, denying ourselves from comfort and pleasure, and sharing with those in need can certainly make Lent a grace-filled season.

May you experience peace, strength and abundant blessing in this holy season of Lent!

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