Holy Father in London

il Papa

Holy FatherThe Pope arrived in London at Heathrow airport where he was met by London Mayor Boris Johnson. The mayor presented him with three books including Mr Johnson’s own historical work, To Dream of Rome.

The Pope is staying the night at the Apostolic Nunciature, in Wimbledon, the residence of his representative in Britain. A spokesman for the Catholic Church in England and Wales hailed the first day of the Pope’s visit as a success.

“Everybody in the Pope’s entourage was overwhelmed by the people on the streets of Edinburgh and the turn-out in Glasgow. It wasn’t just the size of the crowd but their enthusiasm,” he said.

In his homily in Glasgow, Pope Benedict warned against people who seek “to exclude religious belief from public discourse”, saying they even went as far as painting religion “as a threat to equality and liberty”.

He insisted: “Religion is in fact a guarantee of authentic liberty and respect.”


Source: BBC