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india visit

india visitA year 11 student from St. John Bosco high school in Engadine, NSW, reflects her experience to India, particularly to a Salesian school. [web master]

Last holidays I travelled to India and Nepal. While in New Delhi, I had the opportunity to visit Don Bosco School, a Salesian school that caters for over 1000 boys from kindergarten to Year 12. There are approximately 40 to 50 students in each class and they are taught subjects such as Mathematics, English and Hindi, ICT, Music and Physical Education.

Because of the lack of funds and resources the teachers rely on an “old school” teaching method with students copying work off the blackboards. Nevertheless, the majority of the senior students continue on to university after school while others learn trades.

From 3pm every day, the school offers children from the slums a free education program which provides them with an education in general subjects as well as basic knowledge of health and hygiene. The aim of this program ensures these children are off the streets and have the opportunity to obtain jobs as adults with self- confidence, a sense of belonging and deep self-respect.

Although there were comparisons with our College, seeing this school made me realise how fortunate we are in Australia with so many opportunities to succeed with the resources that are available to us.


Source: St. John Bosco High School