Indigenous Garden in Xavier College

Recently at Xavier College in Gawler, South Austraila, students, staff and families worked together with Yardstick Landscaping Services to plant over 100 shrubs. There are three story poles located in the middle of the garden. These poles were created by Chris Crebbin who previously was an Indigenous Artist in Residence at Xavier College. Staff and students worked with Chris to decorate the poles which connect Aboriginal Spirituality and Christian Identity. On the poles, the Rainbow Serpent weaves across all three, moving through the land, carving out rivers, gorges and waterholes. The Rainbow Serpent keeps them safe passing through many tribes through song lines.

After colonisation, the cross became an important symbol when many Aboriginal people were moved into Christian Missions. Many people became baptised. The black post represents night. The white represents day and yellow one represents the earth.

The garden has three areas to represent areas of South Australia. The red rocky areas at the top of the garden represent the desert. The green grassy area in the middle represents the plains. The sandy rocky with reeds area represents the coastal regions of South Australia.

The Indigenous Garden has been designed and planned in consultation with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and the wider community. The garden will also be a quiet place for contemplation, reflection, meditation or prayer.

By Adla Mattiske

Indigenous Education Focus Teacher

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