Italy Earthquake: Salesians ready to cooperate with the authorities

The Salesians have expressed their deep condolences at the devastating earthquake that involved some regions of central Italy last night. “Our thoughts and prayers go to the victims and their loved ones,” said Fr Giovanni D’Andrea, president of Salesians engaged in Social Work.  “The mother of one of our volunteers in Rome has died in the earthquake.”

 Many have lost all they had. “Although none of the two Salesian houses in the area (Perugia and Terni) was affected directly the terror caused by the quake was widespread.  “It was a scary night and we knew immediately that the epicentre was only a few kilometres away” says Susanna, one of the Salesian workers in Terni. “Although the city has not been damaged, the earthquakes continue. The last one was just a few hours ago. Between fear and lost sleep we’re all still a bit shocked and the only thing we can do is keep in touch with each other and make sure that our friends in neighbouring towns are all right.  We will get together soon to organize assistance for people in difficulty.”

We are close in prayer to all the homeless who will sleep outside tonight, the wounded in the hospitals and the families of the many victims of this tragedy. “As a Federation we will take stock soon of what contribution we can make to alleviate the great suffering,” concluded the President.

Source: Info ANS

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