Mazzarello Year 9 Campus

Year 9 StudentsThe Year 9 students from Salesian College Rupertswood walked down the newly built bridge off the main campus and began using the new Mazzarello Year 9 Campus for the first time on Wednesday morning, 5th February 2014. It was a very exciting time for all students to begin with everything new such as the classrooms, tables and chairs, teachers, environment and curriculum. 

The students now have a contemporary program of education in a separate campus under the leadership of Mr Brendon Fogarty. They will be undertaking a variety of hands-on education in various skills.

On Thursday 6th February, a Salesian sister, Rochelle Lamb FMA, came to present the life and spirituality of St. Mary Mazzarello to all year 9 students and staff with talks, singings and dancing. St. Mary Mazzarello is a co-founder of the Salesian Sisters together with St. John Bosco.

Three campuses structure is in placed at Salesian College in 2014. The Years 7 and 8 is called the Savio Campus, Year 9 as the Mazzarello Campus, and the Years 10-12 as the Bosco Campus.

Salesian College now has a very healthy enrolment of nearly 1200 students under the leadership of its first lay principal, Mr. Mark Brockhus.

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