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mission teamThe Australian Salesian Missions Overseas Aid Fund (ASMOAF) is the largest Salesian Missions operation of its kind in the Salesian Region of East Asia/Oceania.

Although it focuses mostly on that region, it extends its assistance to other nations where Australian Salesians have been long at work in the Sudan, in Guatemala, and India. The fund is managed on a day-today basis by Br Michael Lynch, ably assisted over the last 30 years by Mrs Olga Elliott.

The fund assists Salesians working for the alleviation of poverty and the promotion of development, supporting the vocational teaching of underprivileged young people in developing countries to find employment so as to become contributing members of their nation.

An overview of activities in the past year gives an idea of the extent of assistance ASMOAF provides. Two million Australian dollars was raised from private and individual donors and sent in to Salesians working in various nations.

Mission Office TeamContributions were made to the Don Bosco Technical Centre at Alafua in Samoa as well as some assistance to the new Co-educational Secondary School hopefully ready to open its doors in 2011 at Salelologa on the Samoan island of Savai’i.

The fund helps to sustain the work of orphanages, education of boys and young women and a home for the disabled in Vietnam, as well as continuing to support the work in Timor-Leste including orphanages, agricultural and selfhelp programmes, and a luncheon programme for schools in Comoro, Futumaca and Laga.

A Vocational Education and Technical programme in Lahore, Pakistan is supported. Financial assistance also flows to the programmes organised by the Salesians in Sudan for orphans and displaced persons, to homes and displaced persons in Ethiopia, to the vocational skills programme at San Pedro Carcha, Guatemala, to homeless and displaced people in the Philippines.

Projects at Tetere and Henderson in the Solomon Islands as well as those in Myanmar and India have received valuable help. These are but some of the disbursements.

The activity of the fund goes far beyond simple disbursement of funds. The Chairperson of ASMOAF, the Australian Provincial, Fr Frank Moloney put it in context when writing in ASMOAF’s recent Newsletter: “Our Christian faith and practice”, he said “insists that it is our business to look at the world around us and see where we can reach out to do something helpful and constructive. “Too many, too often, shy away with the none-of-my-business line on their lips. Readers might expect me to say this, given that I am writing these few words in this Newsletter of appeal for ASMOAF.

“The principle of keeping our minds, hearts and hands open, because we care for the world around us, reaches well beyond a call for financial help for people in missionary lands who need our support.

“These days we are aware that it is not only people who are suffering. The very world we live in is beginning to groan as human beings exploit its beauty and its fruitfulness. “To take an active interest in the Salesian Missions means more than offering financial support to people in need.

“It is also a sign that you care about others, and about the world we live in, when there might be the temptation to say, It’s none of my business.”


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