New Cagliero Project website launched

The Cagliero Project is pleased to announce its new look website. The website has been designed to give potential new volunteers a much deeper understanding about the Cagliero Project and what it means to be a volunteer with the Salesians of Don Bosco. The Cagliero Project commenced in 2007 and sent its first volunteer in 2008 to Don Bosco Home in Bangsak, Thailand. Since 2007, we have sent a total of 36 long term volunteers to work with the SDB and FMA in Cambodia, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Thailand and Zambia. Our focus is to send volunteers for 6 to 12 months and to ensure that we work with the host community to achieve sustainability.

We aim to utilise the skills and talents of our volunteers in order to provide the best possible contribution to the host community. Our aim is not to ‘help’ but to walk in solidarity with young people and for volunteer and host to have a mutual learning experience. We are also present in host communities to be role models, people that young people can aspire to be. Cagliero volunteers commit themselves to working in the ‘Salesian way’. This means that young people are the central focus in all work. We also encourage our volunteers to approach life and volunteer work in a joyful way with a loving heart. The experience as a Cagliero volunteer is not about the volunteer but is focused on the people we go to serve. However, serving as a Cagliero volunteer often ends up being the most rewarding for the volunteer themselves.

As we proceed into the future we hope to expand our numbers and provide more volunteers to more communities within our region. We have an explicit focus on prioritising the provinces in our region in order to support the amazing work that is done in our region.

The Cagliero Project also provides an immersion experience once per year. In the past, the immersions have taken place in Samoa and Cambodia. It gives the young people in our province an opportunity to experience Salesian life in a different context. It is also a wonderful thing when young people can meet from different provinces and strengthen the bonds of our region. Through this experience, which is complimented by reflection, we hope that young people will later in life commit to a long term Cagliero volunteer placement. Over 100 young Australians have participated in our immersion program.

The upcoming encounter between the youth ministry and mission delegates is going to be a wonderful opportunity to explore the future possibilities for mission volunteering in our region. Through collaboration we have an opportunity to really ensure that all the wonderful work taking place in the EAO is supported and continues. The possibilities are endless!

When you have a moment, please take a look at our new website: Cagliero Project

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