New Crest for Salesian College Sunbury

The Salesian College in Sunbury is the first Salesian school in Australia which has been providing education to thousands of students in its 89 years of history. Started in 1927 as a boarding and agricultural school for the sons of the farming families in the region, the college now has over 1250 boys and girls from year 7 to 12 undertaking their secondary education. Most of these students come from Sunbury, Gisborne, Riddles Creek, Diggers Rest and Romsey areas.

In the long history of the college, there had been a few changes to the college crest. The last crest was designed by Fr Frank Freeman SDB, a former principal and now the editor of the Australian Salesian Bulletin. The Salesian College Sunbury now has a new crest.

On 19th – 20th May, the new college crest was launched to all students, staff and families. This simple and modern crest represents the college as being an inclusive and welcoming Catholic Faith community in the spirit of St. John Bosco. The new crest is accompanied by the English version of the original motto: Striving in Life.

The new crest features four key words of the college mission statement: Engaging with Community, Passion for Learning, Striving for Excellence and Inspired by Faith.

The circle in the crest represents the college community that is safe and inclusive, welcoming to the atmosphere of joy and optimism. It is a community of learning, celebration and play. The circle is also a powerful symbol of unity of their Aboriginal heritage, highlighting the Aboriginal rings within the property.

The letter ‘S’ at the centre represents a pathway inspired by the Salesian charism of St. John Bosco, and the uniqueness of their home in Sunbury.

The anchor is a traditional sign of steadfastness and hope inherited from the patron saint of the Salesians, Francis de Sales. It represents the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of life, inspiring students to become ‘good Christians and honest citizens’.

Lastly, the cross at the centre of the crest represents the college community as the followers of Jesus Christ. The cross inspires all students and staff to develop as resilient, thoughtful and caring individuals to the world.

Students, staff and families are excited with the new college crest. There will be a new uniform expo in June with the hope that the new uniform will be introduced at the beginning of 2017. For more information please visit


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  1. Congrats, Fr. William and Staff of Sunbury…Courage. God Bless. Long Live Don Bosco. God bless the Salesians always.


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