Year 8 Retreat at Don Bosco St. Marys

Don Bosco Youth Centre

Following is a reflection written by a year 8 student from Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield of their experience at Don Bosco Youth Centre in St. Marys, NSW.

Don Bosco Youth CentreOn the 6th and the 7th of September Year 8 attended a religious retreat at Don Bosco Centre, St Marys. After about a 30 minute trip to the centre we were amazed at the great complex with basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer courts, ping pong, pool tables and trampolines. The members of the centre told us what we were going to do for the day and we were pretty excited. We broke into groups and did many fun activities teaching us about peer pressure. This taught us a lot on what peer pressure was and how common it is in our everyday school life. After the great activities it was recess. This gave us a chance to use the great facilities in the centre. Everyone did their own thing and it was very enjoyable and fun.

After recess one of the team members, Justin, told us a story of when he was in high school and how he was pressured to do things that he didn’t want to do just to fit in. After he talked to us we broke into our groups again to talk about what he spoke about and then presented what we said to the rest of the grade. When we finished this we had lunch. Again this was very fun and enjoyable. After our fun filled lunch we had a reflection time by ourselves to reflect on all the bad things in our life and talked to God so he could help us get through those bad things. It was a great experience and everyone learnt a lot from the experience. When we finished our reflection the day was finished we said goodbye to the team members and went back to school. In the end it was a great day and we learnt a lot in the time we were there. Special thanks to Mr Neaves and Mrs Wild for organising the Retreat and to the staff who helped out.


Source: Patrician Brothers’ College

Submitted by Fr. Shane Reade SDB