Day Two of the Provincial Chapter 18

Don Bosco

The delegates of the chapter gathered once again in the chapel for Morning Prayer at 9:00, after a restful and peaceful night.

No time was wasted. The first session and the first pillar, Starting Afresh from Don Bosco, began straight after the prayer.

Fr. Frank Moloney, gives his provincial report to the chapter in this first session. This report was rated as an open and honest one, highlighting the strengths and weakness, success and struggles of the province.

Don BoscoDelegates were given some discussion time after the report. These discussions were mainly on how we can start afresh from Don Bosco in our daily life.  The Memoirs of the Oratory, the series of Don Bosco by Arthur Lenti and the book on Don Bosco written by the late Fr. Ian Murdoch were mentioned as the main resources. The importance for Salesians attending to annual retreats and other Salesian functions are pointed out as some rich sources for Starting afresh from Don Bosco too.

The Quality of Salesian Life in Community was the second focus and the second pillar for the day. Many suggestions and concerns were raised about how Salesians can look after themselves and one another both spiritually and physically. The role of rector was frequently mentioned during discussions. A suggestion was made that this be spelt out as there are some ambiguities with the terms: rector, principal, chaplain and parish priest in our Salesian works.

Members of the chapter celebrated Eucharist at 5:00pm with Fr. Greg Chambers being the main celebrant. Fr. Brian Ahern preached the homily pointing out the similar relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdlene with Don Bosco and Don Rua respectively. It was a nice way of thanking God just before dinner and asking His blessing before continuing on for evening session after dinner.

Individual group sessions were held at 7:30pm to discuss on the topic of the Quality of Salesian Life in Community. All groups came back together at 8:10pm to give feed back to the large group. Feedbacks and discussions were quite vibrant, interesting and joyful.

It was 9:10pm when the chair person, Fr. Bernie Graham, has to call it off for the day as all members have been busy for over twelve hours.


Morning came and evening came, it was the second day.


Have a holy and happy Easter Week!