Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Program

On Thursday 31 March, the Year 10 students from Dominic College in Tasmania spent the day at the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) Program. RYDA is a road safety education program aimed at reducing death and injury amongst young people on roads.

During the day we were divided into groups and joined by some Mt Carmel College students, we then participated in six sessions during the day. One of the most interesting sessions of the day was hearing the inspirational stories of two crash survivors and their day to day struggles since their accidents. Both had suffered from Brain Injury as a result of poor choices on the road, and their frustration, disappointment and sadness was very confronting.

Another activity was testing the braking time and distance of a car at different speeds, in this session a professional driving instructor took four students at a time and tested the distance between slamming on brakes and the car’s final stopping point. This activity was not only exciting, but the increase in stopping distance with only a slight change in speed was quite astonishing.

During the day we also learnt about different hazards and distractions that can confront us on the road and the kinds of life-saving functions your car should have.

It was a great day and everyone went home having learnt some valuable lessons about road safety and road awareness.


Source: Dominic College