Rupertswood’s MPH Fund Raising

Make Poverty History

Make Poverty HistoryIt is a great pleasure to report that the students have raised over $6000 as part of the “Make Poverty History” campaign which focused on “Stand-Up Day” on Friday October 21.

MPH has the goal of raising awareness of the 8 Millennium Gaols set by the United Nations in the year 2000. Some of the goals include eradicating poverty & hunger, improving maternal health, providing universal education and improving gender equality.

Of the money raised, wehave sent $5000 to Samoa to support the new Don Bosco High on the island of Savai’I, one of only three secondary schools on that island. This now means that young people do not have to leave home to have a Catholic secondary education. Another $1000 was sent to Caritas Australia for the East Africa Famine Relief Fund. Each dollar sent to the fund is being matched by the Federal Government so it turns into $2000.


Source: Salesian College Rupertswood