Pushbike for Cambodia

Cambodia Children looking after cows

Cambodia Children looking after cowsIn 2010, four VCAL students and I travelled to Cambodia and built a house for a family in a poor village near Siem Reap. The project was supported enthusiastically by the Rupertswood and local Sunbury community to such an extent that in July we were able to send money over to the village to build a house for another needy family. In October, we were able to assist the villagers on the road to self-sufficiency by financing the purchase of livestock for their community.

In 2011 we are keen to continue our support of this community. The village is in a remote part of the country and children have no access to education. One solution to this is the provision of pushbikes to assist the children in being able to attend school. We are asking all families at Rupertswood to consider being part of our “Pushbikes for Cambodia” project. A donation of $60 will provide a Cambodian child with a pushbike, as well as a repair kit and a pump. They will be riding on ox-cart tracks so their bikes will need regular attention.

In the April holidays, members of the College staff are travelling to the village to meet the community, teach them how to look after the bikes well and also become aware of any future support we can give to this community.

We would also like to continue assisting the villagers in developing their farms and gardens by buying them equipment such as farming equipment, tools and seedlings.

Follow the progress of Rupertswood’s support of this Cambodian village on www.rupo4cambodia.wordpress.com