Fr. Dennis Handley Cup in South Australia

Dennis Handley Cup

Dennis Handley CupAn Annual Sporting Exchange between Xavier College, Gawler and St. Mark’s College, Port Pirie. The Underlying Philosophy of this event: A playground where friends meet & enjoy themselves by building positive and inclusive relations; creating occasions for celebration and festivity, in the spirit of Don Bosco.

The main reasons our two South Australian schools in the Salesian tradition chose to name the cup and shields after Fr Dennis Handley SDB (1949 – 2005) was due to the fact that Dennis was the Principal of St Mark’s College from (1988-1994) and the founding Principal of Xavier College (1995-2004) and his passion for sport, in particular football and netball.

The actual results of the Xavier College and St Mark’s College Sporting Exchange held on Wednesday June 22 at Xavier College were as follows:

Year 11 Netball:
St Mark’s College 36 defeated Xavier College 24

Year 12 Netball:
St Mark’s College 44 defeated Xavier College 26

(St Mark’s College winner of the Fr Dennis Handley SDB Netball Shield)

Open Football: Xavier College 9 goals 9 points (63) defeated St Mark’s College 7 goals 3 points (45)
(Xavier College winner of the Fr Dennis Handley SDB Football Shield)

St Mark’s College declared the overall winner of the Fr Dennis Handley SDB Cup for 2011.

A day like this does not just happen without a lot of cooperation and I would like to thank the Leadership Teams of both St Mark’s College and Xavier College for supporting this inaugural event and the many staff from both schools that contributed to the smooth running of the day.

In closing it was a wonderful day played in very good spirits and next year Xavier College will be returning the favour and travelling to Pt Pirie.


David Smith
Director of Salesian Identity and Ethos Programs


Source: Xavier College