Six days of summer blissfully roll by . . .

SA Summer Camp 2011

SA Summer Camp 2011Ah, the wonderful nature of summer camp!

This January, 55 campers and leaders gathered for SA Girls’ Salesian Summer camp, but little did they know that a week could fly by so fast! It was great to see a ‘welcoming’ attitude adopted by everyone on the first day, behind the scenes was the gift of ‘acceptance’.

At game time, dinner time & prayer time Lutherans, Muslims, Anglicans and Catholics found fun, joy & peace in just being themselves amongst new friends. Leaders created fabulous meals – it’s fair to say the standard was high and hard to say if the best meal was the Junior Leaders’ Macaroni cheese & salad or Fr. Michael Ledda’s veal schnitzels!

Our full day outing of surfing & body boarding was definitely the most favourite activity. A new camper Ashton declared it the best day . . . . of her life! On Saturday, we were packing up and cleaning camp & celebrating friendships too! Sarah, a 23yo senior leader (a veteran, with 8 years as leader!) thanked campers & leaders for one of the easiest, most enjoyable camps in her time.

With deep gratitude for the support of SA Salesian Parishes: Brooklyn Park, Richmond & Gawler and special thanks to the Salesians and Br. John Larkins Family Bursary for SA camps for supporting the volunteers of the Salesian Youth Network SA.