New Building Names Celebrate our Salesian Heritage

Salesian College Chadstone

Salesian College, ChadstoneSalesian College, Chadstone

One of the most visibly obvious changes to the College at the beginning of 2010 is the new building names and room numbering system. The construction of the new modular classroom block threw into stark relief how antiquated our previous room numbering system had been. It used to be the case that I would have Year 12 students, after six years at Salesian College, asking me where Room such and such was. Now they will be able to work it out themselves.

The new names, which will take a bit of getting used to, also tell something of our Salesian story:

The administration area is named after Fr Wallace Cornell, one of the first Australian born Salesians, and a former provincial of the Australian Salesians.

The De Sales Building, which includes the library and most of the Year 7 – 8 classrooms, is named after Don Bosco’s patron St Francis de Sales, the 15th century bishop of Geneva, who advocated loving God by doing one’s duties with persistence and love. This dictum, which acknowledges that we cannot always do great things, but we can always do small things with great love, is a theme echoed by Don Bosco and still repeated here at Salesian College.

The Kimberley Building, incorporating the Hall and the music area, recalls the arrival of the Salesians in Australia, where they were assigned the Aboriginal missions of the Kimberley area, based in Broome, Western Australia.

Margaret Occhiena was Don Bosco’s mother, a saintly woman in her own right, and we have named the new modular classroom block in her honour.

The senior block is now known as the Murdoch Building, in honour of Fr Ian Murdoch, former Teacher, Rector and Board member of our school and former Provincial of the Australian Salesians. This great friend of the College and its staff passed away just over 12 months ago.

The Fedrigotti Building, named after Fr Bortolo Fedrigotti, Salesian priest, scientist and former Provincial, retains its historical name.

The building containing the Jennings Centre, the visual arts area and neighbouring classrooms is named after Brother Bill Naylon, for many years a member of the staff who was greatly loved by all, particularly the parents of Salesian College.

The technology area is now referred to as the Valdocco Building, recalling the suburb of the northern Italian city of Turin, where Don Bosco began his work with young people.

The much-need renaming of buildings recall our Salesian story at an international, national and local level. Let us pray that in all our efforts we will be faithful to the rich and dynamic heritage we have been so fortunate to inherit, and that we, in our turn, with have the faith, love and courage to add to this story in a positive and constructive manner.


Source: Salesian College, Chadstone