Past Pupil Annual Reunion and Hall of Fame Dinner

Michael Grose

Salesian College, Chadstone

The dinner was held at the College on Friday 16 October 2009. The evening was extremely well attended by the boys from the Class of 1979. Many stories and much laughter could be heard as they crossed from Bosco Campus to ‘the other hill’, now the Mannix Campus. A highlight of the evening was the induction in the College Hall of Fame of two very notable and deserving past pupils, Michael Grose (Class of 1973) and Michael Mitchell (Class of 1982). Past inductee, Associate Professor Peter Foley (Class of 1980) introduced the inductees. We will feature a brief account of the achievements of these very fine Salesian College students during the next newsletters.


Michael Grose

Michael Grose

In 1968 Michael followed his brother Steve and attended Salesian College, where he spent six years and completed Year 12 in 1973. During the time Michael represented the school in athletics, debating and cricket and captained the school football team in Year 12. Michael attended SCV Toorak in 1974 to complete a Diploma of Primary Teaching 3 years later. This was to be the beginning of a lifelong career in education. Michael began teaching in government primary schools around Melbourne in 1977, where he got great hands-on experience working with kids from a variety of backgrounds.

After a year travelling in Europe in 1981 Michael returned to Australia and settled on the Mornington Peninsula, where he and his wife Sue have lived ever since raising three delightful but diverse kids.

In the mid 80’s Michael completed a Master of Educational Studies at Monash University, that saw him take a different path. His study there lead him down the parent education path. In 1993 Michael left teaching to establish his own parent education consultancy.

Now Michael is widely recognised as one of Australia’s leading parenting educator. He’s authored 7 parenting books, including Why first borns rule the world and last borns want to change it.

He is an in-demand parenting presenter giving over 100 presentations a year. He’s the only person to conduct a parenting seminar for Federal politicians in Parliament House, Canberra. A regular commentator on television and radio, he’s the current News Ltd. Body & Soul Parenting columnist reaching 6 million Australians every Sunday.

Michael is currently a valued member of the Salesian College Board.


Source: Salesian College, Chadstone