Salesian Cooperators of Samoa

Recently in Samoa, the Salesian co-operators came together in joy for their monthly gathering to acknowledge the achievement of one of their goals. Thanks must be offered to Fr. Iosefo Mulipola for his hard work in translating the Guidelines for the Association of Salesian Co-operators into our Gagaga Samoa (Samoan Language). According to Fr. Iosefo it took six months to complete the project.

This book will help a lot, particularly members of the Co-operators as they are eager to continue the work and the mission of the Salesian Co-operators in Samoa. It will also assist members of the Co-operators to learn more about
Salesian life and understand some of rules and regulations of the Salesian Co-operation.

Furthermore, Fr. Iosefo encouraged each member to read the book because now it easy read and understand in our own language. The night ended with each member receiving a copy of the book, followed by a meal and refreshments.

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