Salesian Family’s wonderful evening at Tainan

In the presence of the SDB provincial Fr. Lanfranco Fedrigotti, there were SSCC Provincial coordinator Ms. Teresa Lam, 8 SDBs of Tainan SDB community and 4 sisters from strong FMA community with about 20 Don Bosco Past pupils and 10 Salesian Cooperators of both Tainan Centers. This evening was called by the Regional Councilor SDB-EAO with the participation of the EAO-ACS World Council, Mr. Philip Yu. After a joint Rosary, Evening prayer and dinner of the FMA sisters with the SDB in their community there was a Prayer of the Way of the Cross in the Mary Help of Christian Salesian Parish (at the center between the FMA Kindergarten, FMA Laura Youth Center and the SDB Technical School.

Then from 8 PM the whole two stage evening started with the Don Bosco Past Pupils sharing about the revitalization of their Association in Tainan (only the Secondary Salesian School in Tainan). The leadership of the Old Boys have already clear idea about: set up an official government registered Association for the continuity of their Union, get more involved in the promotion of Salesian School image in the local society (exchange with other EAO Salesian Technical schools), set up of the Past Pupils Office, scholarship program for the motivation of the students and more links with the industry run by the Old Boys to offer workplace for the newly graduates.

The second part of the evening followed with a joint meeting of four groups of Salesian Family – already prepared during the 2014 October animation visit of the EAO regional. First after watching the 2015 Salesian Family presentation video clip (ANS Channel) Fr. Vaclav introduced the basic principles of the Salesian Family – Center around the Don Bosco’s successor – the Rector Major and the ‘salvation’ – education and accompaniment of the youngsters. Then the necessary mutual links among the existing groups will make shine and more visible the face of Don Bosco today (main point of the ANS Video clip 2015). Among other concrete point was mention the Facebook daily ‘Good morning talk’ of the present Rector Major (FB: ANGEL Fernández-Rector MAYOR), need to start the Local Committee of the Salesian Family, reach the poor youth (even the young prisoners) in Tainan, set up a website of Facebook ‘Don Bosco in Taiwan” as the point of reference for all SF groups. Especially strong was the call to reach out and link to more out-of-Taiwan Salesian institutions both in Hong Kong and Macau as well in the other countries of the EAO region – make visible through the EAO prayer card!

After a final address of Fr. Provincial, joint prayer of ‘AVE MARIA’ with the blessing of the Salesian priests there was a group picture taking. Then some group to group personal sharing among the leadership of SDB and Past Pupils, between the FMA and Salesian Cooperators followed. Indeed a family spirit producing synergy for the good of the young.

This was the last of one week long visitation of 52 years old Salesian presence in Tainan, the Salesian charismatic center of Taiwan. Now there are in Taiwan 3 Salesian SDB presences, 5 Centers of Salesian Cooperators, 2 FMA communites and more than 20.000 Don Bosco Past Pupils and more than 10.000 FMA Past Pupils. May the face of Don Bosco shine more and be more complete in this former capital city of Taiwan! Among the 20 million of Taiwan population the Catholics are only 1.3 % and the Salesian Family is just a small group. Precisely the dream to grow together in communion was the greatest gift which each of us brings home!


Source: AustraLasia

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