Salesian situations in the Philippines

The overall situation of the Salesians in the Philippines, according to the bits and pieces of information that are coming through is as follows:

Northern Province (FIN): Manila was not so badly affected, and other houses, including those in generally badly affected areas are all right (that means the communities in Naga and Legazpi are ok).

Southern Province (FIS): The communities in and around Cebu City are also all right. It was the northern tip of Cebu island that was in the direct path of the typhoon. There are two communities that were in the direct path, one in Borangan, East Samar and the other, Dumnagas, Iloilo. There has been no communication with these two communities – no communication has been possible. The community in Borongan City, however, has reported that the city was chosen as the command post for relief operations in Eastern Samar. There are three Salesians working in that community.

Both the FIN and FIS communities have joined the national drive for relief efforts on behalf of the people who have lost their homes, property and even their loved ones during the rage of the typhoon, which was considered the strongest so far. In the Southern Province (FIS) various activities have been suspended to concentrate on the emergency relief operations.

Students and teachers and lay collaborators in our institutes are involved in the collection, preparation and packing of relief goods that will be sent to the various islands that were affected by the typhoon. A first batch of 25.000 relief packs will soon be sent through the nearest Salesian, government or other NGO agency.

One of the communities of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in the western province of Negros, in the path of the typhoon, has suffered damage. In Minglanilla in Cebu, the sisters have opened the gymnasiums and the first floor classrooms of the school to accommodate the homeless, to comfort the people affected and to offer material help to the needy.

Given that the Provincial communities in both Manila and Cebu are functioning with normal communications, any assistance that can be given could be done through these two centres.

Source; Info ANS

Please contact us if you would like to contribute to the Salesian relief efforts.


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