Salesian Social Communications System


sscs“The SSCS has a clear conviction running through it: the formation to communication of Salesians, their mission partners and young people is a priority. New vocations to consecrated life, and generations of teenagers and young people to whom they are sent, belong to a new era and populate a new continent.

Whether or not we are happy about the fact, we and our mission partners inhabit this ‘continent’, by understanding and using its technology and languages, with greater or less success. Formation which is unaware of or does not sufficiently value what is so obvious runs the risk of not attracting new vocations, not inculturating the gospel and not understanding those to whom it is sent.

Formation to communication certainly goes far beyond regulating use of technology and the Web, and goes far beyond offering casual topics and workshops for critical understanding. It is a dimension running across everything, one that includes both formators and those in formation, teachers and pupils.

For the latter, education to responsible freedom is essential; for consecrated persons, in addition to that there is need for formation to authenticity of life, which includes love for our vocation, our mission and those to whom we are sent. So I can assure you that we are facing the most wonderful and challenging opportunity for evangelisation and education in a very Salesian ‘continent’, because it is populated by so many teenagers and young people, and it is one which most needs an updated implementation of the preventive system.

This ‘continent’ needs the manifestation of God’s love: the digital continent, where rich and poor, believers and agnostics alike all live. And here I simply confirm the previous paragraph: it requires a Salesian who is formed in an all-round fashion; pastoral ministry which starts out from the needs and circumstances of those to whom it is addressed; a Salesian with renewed zeal for the mission who does not confuse that mission with its works; a Salesian communicator with spiritual depth who can bear witness to God amongst young people in today’s digital age”.


Source: Info ANS